First Voice Enabled Conversation AI Platform for Indian Languages with deep domain training capability


Converse with ease in your native indian language and get answers and see how you engage with your rural customers effectively

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The platform is the first of its kind of india with deep domain expertise for priority sectors like agriculture, rural banking, e-governance with indian multiple language support. The product is developed in partnership with team of experienced researchers in Natural Language Processing and AI at Anna University-KBC center for emerging technologies ( The research center has been involved with NLP projects like Bhashini from Min of IT (MeiTy), Gov of India for several years.
Product and Technology

The Conversational AI platform knowledgebrain has been built entirely at our research center in Chennai. Salient features of the platform include

  • Conversational AI
  • Interactive Data Analytics and Dashboard
  • Voice Based-(Multi Dialectal)-Indian Language
  • Personalization
    • GPS Based
    • User Preferences based
  • Context and Culture based
  • Non template based
  • Co-referenced conversation
  • SAAS and Dedicated Instance
  • Chatbot Assisted form filling
  • Chatbot Available as Widget
Modified version of TN Agri marketing bot : TN Agri marketing bot
Technology Overview
  • An AI Driven Platform completely developed at AUKBC
    • ML and Deep Learning
    • In Intent Processing, Response Generation and Response Mapping
  • Extensive Automation Capabilities for :
    • Information Extraction
    • Query Processing
    • Reinforced Learning
    • Information Feeding
    • Mobile Enabled

Experience capabilities of our platform from below Solutions and see how we solve our customer problems with state of art, easy to implement and train, Conversational AI platform

Agriculture and Farmers - Dashboard provides at a glance all essential parameters based on farmer location viz ., mandi prices, weather and precautions to take for crops and animals, fertilizer, seeds - prices, stock availability, daily agri headline news etc., you can ask for additional information by speaking to the bot in your language of choice.

 In tamil :

 In hindi and malayalam:   

Government :Tamil Nadu E-Governance - the chatbot interactively gathers the information from citizens and fills out submittable form for various government certificates e.g, land, death certificates etc.,

Education :Tamil Virtual Academy

Library :Delnet

Rural Banking : Mid Size Bank with significant Rural Exposure:Provides at a glance features on agri, gold loans and deposits : You can also Ask questions on Agri Loans, Gold Loans, Kisan Credit Cards, Agri Credits for Equipments, Advances against stored commodities, Deposit Schemes and it will provide answers relating to interest rate, eligibility, documents reqd etc. This is a multi lingual tool currently for english, tamil, hindi and malayalam and can be expanded to other languages.,